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5 New  Louisville  Restaurants  to  Try

Black Jockeys Lounge


When COVID-19 forced Louisville entrepreneur Tawana Bain to pivot from planning a traditional award show to creating a virtual rooftop event, she had no idea it would lead to rebranding her then-restaurant, Encore on 4th. “I had been doing work around the Derby as it relates to driving unity and making an impact,” she says. “One of the organizations that we partnered with for our awards program is called PPAATH, which stands for Project to Preserve African-American Turf History. They built this mobile museum of artwork that would keep the legacy of the Black jockey alive.” 

Tawana was so inspired by their work, she initially decided to partner with PPAATH to rebrand the award show. Although plans changed, she decided to have the organization help build the virtual rooftop event, anyway. She was blown away by their work — so much so that she was inspired to rebrand her restaurant. “I was in awe of how beautiful and elegant [it looked],” she recalls. “Before a person even spoke a word, you were in an experience.”



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